I’m an awful Dylan……

My Massie is quitting. QUITTING!

And I haven’t updated in a week, and I only have 361 hits.

I’m so pathetic.

So…….does this mean I’m quitting?


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Home Sweet Westchester(:

I’m home!

Gawd, I’m happy. I missed my besties(:

This will be a very short post, but I wanted to show the PC what I got them(:

My Gifts for the PCFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

My Gifts for the PC by Dylan♥Marvil on Polyvore.com

Ah-dorable, am I right? They’re awl from Tiffany.

For Massie: Ah-dorable PURPLE ring & earrings. Came together. So Massie(:

For Alicia: Oversized sunglasses. Very dramatic, very stylish, very summer. Very Alicia(:

For Kristen: It’s an apple! Because, you know, she started tutoring(:

For Claire: A clutch. Sweet and simple, like her! Plus, hearts for her and Cam(:

I hope you guys luh-v them!

Well, gotta go. Dinner’s ready(:


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I’m totes sorry for being MIA, but I’ve been in California with Mom. She’s shooting a segment on the new movie, Monte Carlo, with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester.

On the upside, we’re staying at the ah-dorable Four Seasons LA(:

I’ve spent every spare moment in the gym. I ah-bviously have to get in shape for school. Also, there’s a HAWT x1,000 REDHEADED boy who’s always in there when I am. He’s a surfer, named Brett. Hopefully, I’ll tell you more about him later 😉

I also hit Rodeo Drive last night. There was huge sale at Juicy. I got:







Then, I went to the Hollywood and Highland Sephora and got:



I even picked up the Pretty Committee some gifts. But you’ll see those later(:

Well, gotta go, Mom and I have reservations at Spago.


P.S – Gina (http://ginalayla.wordpress.com/) brought up a good point. I am NAWT in any way trying to copy http://dylanmarvillove.wordpress.com/. I luh-v her blawg, and when I was trying to think of blawg names, her’s came to mind. So, if you think I’m trying to copy her, I’m nawt.

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Hey Girls (:

It’s Dylan!

I’m a part of http://officialmassieblockblahg.wordpress.com/‘s Online Pretty Committee

So check out my blog and stay tuned for updates and plenty of PC drama!


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